I have been working with computers for over 33 years now and I have never been bored.  There is always something new and exciting to hold my interest.  I always describe my work in IT as being paid to play with a big erector set.  It’s just fun!  (I knew a guy once who would call every now and then and say, “I can’t believe they are paying us to do this.”)

I have been at this web thing for about 17 years now.  My initial venture included an HTML class at UMass Lowell with my sister.  From there I built my first two web sites, one for my Dad’s business and one for my local church parish.  Now, after a decade of dabbling, I’m making it one of the foci of my life.  About two years ago, I started taking web design classes at RI School of Design.  And now I am more than dabbling, I am pursuing it with vigor.

So far, I’ve explored the new HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, CMS and graphics design.  I’m going to tackle PHP next.