Welcome to my website.  I needed a place to play and experiment with web technology and this is it.

I find that life is never boring if you approach it with the right attitude.  I have a few simple rules that keep life interesting and allow me to always try to make the most of it:

  • Keep moving – objects in motion tend to stay in motion
  • Stay curious – always explore and ask questions
  • Accept change – change is going to happen so go with it
  • Enjoy the moment – learn from the past, plan for the future, but enjoy where you are right now
  • Keep it simple – as humans we do tend to over complicate things
  • If in doubt, ask yourself “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” – it’s usually not that bad
  • Let it go – possessions, grudges, bad feelings

I am very blessed to have a bride of 31 years that shares this attitude on life.  She is a biology major and school teacher by trade.  She too is always curious and always learning.  Together we share our experiences and help each other grow.

Professionally I have a wide breadth of IT related skills with a most recent focus on teaching what I have leaned to students at Washington County Community college in Calais, Maine.  Prior to my current teaching gig, I specialized in Windows servers, virtualization and storage in the health care industry.  I have also enjoyed 10 years in the management ranks.  My newest venture, which includes this website, is in web design.

My other current interests include music (trombone and vocal – I sing Christmas carols professionally when in season, and I am learning to play banjo and ukulele), photography (supporting my web design interests), vegetable gardening, small scale livestock (pigs, chickens, turkeys and sheep) and whatever else strikes my fancy at the time.

So, in a nut shell, that’s me and this is my website.

Thanks for visiting.

By the way, my site name may sound boring but it has a special meaning for me.  “GeorgeCh” was the very first personalized computer account user ID I ever received.  By personalized, I mean that it was not an employee number or some random series of letters generated by some computer programmer.  GeorgeCh was my first online email address on an old IBM mainframe system called “PROFS”.